Bristol to Split – 11 October

After a very early start, we had a good flight to Split. It was cloudy the first half of the journey but that cleared in time for us to get some great views of the Austrian Alps (we know thats what they were because the pilot told us). Our room wasn’t ready when we arrived at the hotel so we left our luggage and set out to explore this very interesting and lovely old city with narrow windy lanes and interesting squares. We ended up at the waterfront and were persuaded to do a waterfront sightseeing cruise, which was just what we needed. We are both suffering from colds so after our early start our energy levels were quite low. After we checked in and had a rest we set forth again and walked through the Diocletian Palace, which we’re going to explore as part of our tour in a couple of days, to the waterfront and explored between the waterfront and our hotel a bit more.

Tito’s Villa
400 yo churches in the cliff

View to the Diocletian Palace from our hotel terrace bar

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